Leave No Trace: Vital lessons from pioneering organisations on the frontline of waste and ocean plastic

Three research groups from Vital Ocean/SYSTEMIQ, TriCiclos and Hasiru Dala, traveled to four countries: India, Indonesia, Brazil and Chile to interview 45 pioneering waste and recycling organisations to deconstruct how they overcame the most difficult, and universal challenges facing all frontline waste and recycling programs working in fund constrained environments – behaviour change at scale, waste picker inclusion, affordable waste collection, recycling plastics economically, and processing organic waste without a loss. Their insights are synthesised in a new book, Leave No Trace: Vital Lessons from the frontline of waste and ocean plastic, which provides practical, field tested solutions and business models to build resilient waste and recycling programs


The book is available below for free and in four languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesia, to share frontline wisdom widely. 

Full book

Executive summary

Organisational profiles and business models