Please join us for the launch of the new book, Leave No Trace: Vital lessons from pioneering organisations on the frontline of waste and ocean plastic. 

What: Webinar Vital Lessons from the frontline of waste and ocean plastic hosted by the International Waste Platform 
When: June 16,19:00 SGT (Singapore), 13:00 CET (Munich), 8:00 BST (São Paulo), 7:00 EDT (New York).
Where: https://bit.ly/IntlWPyoutube - access the webinar on YouTube live


The new book, Leave No Trace, provides practical, field tested solutions to build resilient waste programs in fund constrained regions based on interviews with  45 organisations in India, Indonesia, Brazil and Chile on the frontlines of solving waste and ocean plastic. The book solves five universal waste challenges including:

  • Behaviour change at scale

  • Waste picker inclusion

  • Affordable waste collection

  • Recycling plastics economically

  • Processing organics without a loss 


The book was written by Joi Danielson (Vital Oceans founder; SYSTEMIQ Partner and Programme Director for Ocean Plastics Asia, Project STOP), along with TriCiclos and Hasiru Dala. ExxonMobil, a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, provided the funding for this research. Vital Ocean and SYSTEMIQ are partnering with the Alliance to share these best practices globally.


The book is free and available in four languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia.


The book will launch on 16 June, with a Webinar, Vital Lessons from the Frontline, coordinated by the International Waste Platform. Please join us on YouTube live at  https://bit.ly/IntlWPyoutube on June 16,19:00 SGT (Singapore), 13:00 CET (Munich), 8:00 BST (São Paulo), 7:00 EDT (New York).

Download a copy of the book here.