We stand at a pivotal moment. This mission is worthy of our best.


To rejuvenate marine biodiversity and restore the ocean’s health and resilience to its former vitality.


To unite hands, hearts, and minds in a collective effort to accelerate and amplify global frontline efforts to rebuild marine biodiversity, and ecosystem health and resilience by harnessing trusted partnerships, cutting-edge technology, novel governance models, and innovative investment strategies.


  1. Trust is the currency of change. 
  2. The Ocean is too big to fail BUT the problems are not too big to solve.
  3. We have a responsibility to protect and restore the health of our Ocean. 
  4. The Ocean possesses immense regenerative powers when free from destructive human stressors. 
  5. We need to accelerate both ocean conservation breakthroughs and the implementation of bold, pragmatic solutions across policy, governance, technology, and finance.
  6. Immediate coastal and in-ocean actions can vastly improve ocean resilience, while equally crucial land-based global transitions progress. 
  7. We need to listen to and value the voices of local communities, indigenous peoples, and youth, and involve them in building solutions.
  8. The world does not need another new ocean platform. We need to support and strengthen existing efforts.  
  9. Emerging technologies unlock unprecedented opportunities in ocean conservation.
  10. A dual approach to ocean conservation is needed: Empowering local ocean stewardship and strategic global missions.