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*A thalassophile is someone who is completely drawn to the sea in all forms.
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The oceans know no barriers, boundaries, or borders. Though we often distinguish them by name, they function as one integrated system, a single, interconnected global ocean.

Joi Danielson

Joi has devoted her career to solving the systemic challenges behind ocean decline, focusing on governance, funding, and technology. She first honed her problem-solving skills at McKinsey & Co., where she spent five years as a strategy consultant leading multicultural teams across diverse industries, from banking to energy. Ranked in the top 20% of McKinsey consultants, Joi emerged as a leader in the firm’s ocean work within the Sustainability and Resource Productivity Practice. Seeking to gain experience in international diplomacy, advocacy campaigns, and global policy-making, she joined the Ocean Conservancy. After an emotional moment in Indonesia, seeing dense plastic beaches three meters deep, she resolved to turn strategies into real change and joined Systemiq in Indonesia where she built a team and partnered with the government and private sector under a shared vision to build circular waste management systems for millions of people. These efforts have permanently halted over 60,000 tonnes of waste pollution, created hundreds of green jobs, influenced national governance policies, and attracted over $50 million in investment. Joi was elected as a Systemiq Partner for her impactful work.

Believing that in this decisive decade, every proven tool must be utilized for ocean conservation, Joi took time to understand how AI, robotics, and other emerging technologies could advance sustainability efforts and is currently working with her team to develop coastal digital twins that offer marine stewards real-time natural capital valuation and the unprecedented ability to virtually trial policies, conservation strategies, and blue economy initiatives. She is also creating a bespoke large language model that combines ocean and social science with a nation's policies and case history to help leaders achieve global ocean sustainability commitments. With 15 years of experience in strategic leadership roles at Systemiq, McKinsey & Co., and Ocean Conservancy, Joi excels in solving complex system challenges, leading global teams, and operationalizing theory for tangible conservation outcomes. She holds an MBA Cum Laude in emerging market strategy, a first-level CFA, a McKinsey Global Institute Technology Fellowship, and was a member of Peter Diamandis' A360 program. Joi's massive transformative purpose is to rebuild marine biodiversity and restore ocean ecosystem health and resilience.

Luke Dallafior

Luke Dallafior has dedicated his career to driving sustainable innovation across diverse industries, including telecommunications, energy, consumer goods, and green tech. His 30 years of experience span over 35 countries and four continents, showcasing his ability to navigate complex challenges, manage dynamic teams, and tailor solutions to varied market needs. He has held leadership roles in international organizations and served as an advisor for Indonesia’s Energy Transition and the Global Blended Finance Alliance.

In recent years, Luke has been instrumental in the development of several high-impact social and sustainable development projects. His contributions include the sustainable city development of Kura Kura Bali, the recyclable plastics collection network EkoLogis, the internationally recognized sustainable fashion brand Stelar, and the Good Karma Seaweed Co-op and Incubator. These initiatives highlight his expertise in strategic planning and implementation in the blue and green economy sectors. Luke's passion for sustainability extends to his entrepreneurial ventures. He founded and successfully exited several businesses, including his consulting firm, Opportune Ventures, where he guided early-stage technology companies in refining their strategies and optimizing market execution. Luke authored a comprehensive white paper detailing innovative strategies for sustainable maritime development, demonstrating his deep understanding of ocean-based economic opportunities and environmental stewardship. Driven by a mission to foster collective action towards ocean preservation, Luke continues to inspire and lead efforts in sustainable innovation, ensuring a thriving future for our oceans.