Blue finance is the fuel that powers impactful ocean conservation, turning potential into reality.

Investment levels do not reflect the urgency or scale of ocean needs, representing only a fraction of philanthropy and investment in other sectors. Existing ocean investment is often inequitable and lacks strategic alignment, with disproportionate funding going to the same organizations and failing to target high-impact efforts. Innovative funding mechanisms are essential to expand resources and effectively reverse ocean decline. We need to ensure they are invested in the highest impact efforts. 


Vital Ocean facilitates access to financial resources and investment opportunities for sustainable ocean projects. This includes developing blue bonds, impact investment strategies, and financial instruments that support marine conservation and sustainable development.

Nature-based accounting

Developing methodologies to incorporate the value of natural resources into financial decisions.

Blended finance mechanisms

Designing financial instruments that combine public and private sector funding for impactful ocean conservation projects.

Policy-based loans

Creating financial solutions with institutions and countries that align with policy objectives to support national commitments to sustainable marine conservation in exchange for debt reduction.

Nature Based Solutions

Promoting strategies that harness natural processes to address environmental challenges and enhance resilience.

Blue carbon and biodiversity credits

Developing market mechanisms to quantify and trade credits based on biodiversity conservation outcomes.

Technology Lab tools

  • AI-powered risk assessment for blue investments
  • Blockchain 
  • Financial Modelling Tools
  • AI for investment analysis and risk assessment

Photography by David Clode on Unsplash