The Ocean possesses immense regenerative powers when free from destructive human stressors.

The Ocean’s decline surpasses our comprehension. In the last 40 years, we have lost ~50% of marine life. We need to better understand the interwoven climate and biodiversity crises and find solutions to them. The good news is that a wealth of safe and effective, natural solutions are available for restoring ocean health, which, in turn, bolsters climate health. The challenge lies in implementing them at the necessary scale.


We provide solutions for the restoration of degraded marine ecosystems. Our approach includes habitat restoration, species reintroduction, and monitoring to ensure long-term recovery and resilience.

Ocean health indicators

Providing expert assessments on key ocean health indicators. Services help clients monitor, analyse, and improve marine ecosystem health through data-driven strategies.

Coral reef restoration

Techniques to restore damaged coral reefs, such as coral gardening and transplantation, to enhance biodiversity and protect coastal regions.

Seagrass and mangrove restoration

Initiatives to restore seagrass beds and mangrove forests, which provide critical habitat, enhance water quality, and protect shorelines.

Species reintroduction

Programs to reintroduce locally extinct or endangered species to their native habitats, such as sea cucumbers, ensuring ecosystem balance and biodiversity.

Artificial reefs

Offering expert assessments and solutions for artificial reef projects, focusing on site selection, design, and ecological impact. Services include monitoring reef effectiveness, enhancing marine biodiversity, and promoting sustainable fishing practices through data-driven strategies.

Sustainable fisheries management and FIPS

Strategies to manage fisheries sustainably, preventing overfishing and promoting practices that maintain fish populations and marine biodiversity.

BBNJ 30×30 and MPAs

Designation and management of MPAs to safeguard critical habitats, species, and ecosystems. We assist in planning, implementation, and enforcement to ensure effective conservation outcomes.

Marine biodiversity research

Conducting research to understand marine biodiversity, assess the health of marine ecosystems, and inform conservation strategies.

Endangered species protection

Programs to protect and recover populations of endangered marine species through habitat conservation, anti-poaching measures, and community engagement.

Coastal restoration digital twin simulation

Providing advanced digital twin simulation services for coastal restoration projects. These services offer precise modelling of coastal environments, predicting the impacts of restoration and conservation efforts, and optimising project designs. By leveraging real-time data and virtual simulations, clients can enhance decision-making, reduce risks, and ensure sustainable coastal management.

Technology Lab tools

  • AI-powered hydrology and ecosystem modelling
  • Remote sensing and satellite imagery analysis
  • Coastal Digital Twins
  • Species Identification

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