It is not enough to show what is possible in a model. We actually need to do the work on the ground.

Real impact is easy to see and to measure. It comes from tangible actions in the field. Only by rolling up our sleeves and doing the most strategic work, where it matters most, can we drive the recovery of marine environments.


We specialize in on-the-ground implementation with expert project management, venture building for scalability, strategic business plan development for sustainable growth, and rigorous measurement to validate impact and accountability.

Project management

Expertly managing projects to ensure efficient execution and delivery of impactful initiatives.

Venture building

Supporting the development and scaling of ventures focused on addressing critical environmental and societal challenges.

Business plan development

Strategizing and crafting business plans that drive sustainable growth and operational success.

Measurement & verification

Advancing the use of marine resources for biotechnological applications, such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and biofuels. We assist clients in research and development, regulatory pathways, and sustainable sourcing of marine bioproducts.

Technology Lab tools

  • Mobile apps for data collection and reporting
  • IoT devices for real-time field monitoring
  • AR/VR tools for field training and support

Photography by Photo by Hoodh Ahmed on Unsplash