The ability of leaders to address critical ocean challenges hinges on their understanding of issues and their capacity to make high-quality decisions.

Government leaders need to identify and prioritize the most pressing marine problems, understand the underlying factors, and forecast the effects of various action choices. Additionally, decision-makers must accurately value ocean natural capital and ecosystem services to fully appreciate the associated ecological and socio-economic trade-offs of various policy and investment decisions.


We empower leaders with strategic guidance in marine governance and policy development, ensuring effective decision-making for sustainable ocean management. Our expertise includes impact measurement methodologies that enhance accountability and inform conservation efforts.

Marine governance and decision-making

Providing expertise in enhancing governance structures and decision-making processes to promote effective marine management.

Marine policy

Advising on the development and implementation of policies that safeguard marine ecosystems and promote sustainable use of ocean resources.

Impact measurement

Implementing methodologies to assess and quantify the environmental and social impacts of marine policies and initiatives, ensuring accountability and informed decision-making.

Technology Lab tools

  • AI analysis of policy impacts on marine ecosystems

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