This is the decisive decade for ocean and climate health.

The Ocean plays a pivotal role in regulating Earth’s climate, covering 70% of the planet and profoundly influencing global environmental balance. Preserving ocean health is therefore essential, potentially the cornerstone in maintaining a sustainable global ecosystem within safe environmental thresholds.


Vital Ocean’s climate risk and adaptation services help clients understand and mitigate the impacts of climate change on ocean environments and coastal development. We specialize in advanced modeling and preparedness for sea level rise, offering comprehensive climate impact assessments, digital twin simulations, and adaptive management strategies. Our expertise fosters climate resilience, enabling coastal communities to reduce vulnerability and enhance their preparedness for environmental changes.

Climate resilience

Developing strategies to enhance the resilience of coastal communities and industries to climate change impacts. This includes adaptive management practices, risk assessments, and the integration of climate adaptation measures into blue economy initiatives.

Blue carbon assessments

Assessing and promoting the role of coastal and marine ecosystems in sequestering carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change impacts.

Adaptive management

Implementing flexible management practices that can be adjusted in response to changing climate conditions and new scientific information.

Climate impact assessments

Comprehensive assessments of how climate change affects marine ecosystems, including rising sea levels, ocean acidification, and changing temperature and weather patterns.

Coastal sea-level rise modelling and digital twins

Utilising advanced modelling and digital twin simulations to forecast and prepare for the impacts of rising sea levels on coastal areas and infrastructure.

Technology Lab tools

  • Advanced climate modeling integrating ocean data
  • AI Models for ocean-atmosphere interactions
  • Climate impact assessment models
  • Coastal sea-level rise digital twins

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