The ocean offers vast potential for renewable energy, yet balancing energy development with environmental preservation is crucial.

As we shift to marine renewable energy, understanding and mitigating ecological impacts is vital. Innovative technologies and sustainable practices ensure clean energy benefits ocean health. The challenge is scaling these solutions to responsibly meet global energy demands.


We support the development and deployment of renewable energy sources such as offshore wind, tidal, and wave energy. We provide expertise in project planning, regulatory compliance, and environmental impact assessments to facilitate sustainable energy projects.

Digital twins of tidal turbine, wave and offshore energy

Conducting research to understand the impacts of offshore energy and services and identification of mitigation efforts.

Offshore energy environmental assessments

We conduct thorough environmental assessments for offshore energy projects, ensuring compliance with regulations and identifying mitigation strategies for sustainable development.

Offshore energy finance

Specializing in offshore energy finance, we offer strategic consulting for renewable energy projects, including financial modeling, risk assessment, and investment strategies tailored to maximize profitability.

Offshore energy site locations

Our consulting services focus on identifying optimal offshore energy project locations, utilizing advanced GIS and environmental data analysis to maximize energy production potential and minimise environmental impact.

Technology Lab tools

  • Simulation engines for offshore energy
  • Predictive maintenance for offshore installations
  • AI for environmental impact assessments

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