Rather than repeating destructive monoculture practices on land, we must design the blue economy differently.

A regenerative blue economy harnesses the interconnectedness of marine ecosystems to create sustainable, cyclical practices. By integrating industries so that the byproducts of one become the inputs for another, we support biodiversity and ensure economic resilience. Balancing traditional marine industries like aquaculture, tourism, and marine biotechnology with the ecosystem is crucial for fostering a thriving ocean environment that benefits all life.


Our Blue Economy services are geared towards fostering a sustainable and prosperous blue economy that harnesses the potential of ocean resources while ensuring environmental stewardship and social equity. Our services within this domain are designed to promote sustainable economic growth, job creation, and innovation in marine and coastal sectors.

Sustainable fisheries

Developing and implementing novelty and innovative approaches that ensure the long-term viability of fish stocks and marine ecosystems, while supporting the livelihoods of fishing communities. This includes sustainable harvesting techniques, aquaculture development, and fisheries management plans.

Marine Biotechnology

Advancing the use of marine resources for biotechnological applications, such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and biofuels. We assist clients in research and development, regulatory pathways, and sustainable sourcing of marine bioproducts.

Regenerative design

Implementing regenerative design principles in marine infrastructure and coastal developments to enhance ecosystem health and resilience.

Coastal tourism

Promoting responsible and eco-friendly tourism practices that protect marine environments and support local economies. Our services include sustainable tourism planning, community engagement, and the development of ecotourism initiatives.

Technology Lab tools

  • Regenerative design simulation models
  • AI-driven market analysis for blue economy models

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