Human fishery needs and the health of ocean ecosystems are often at odds; we must solve for both.

Ensuring the sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture is crucial for preserving marine biodiversity and supporting global food security. By implementing responsible practices, we can maintain fish stocks at healthy levels while minimizing environmental impact and fostering economic resilience in coastal communities.


Specialising in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture consulting, we provide custom strategies for responsible management, collaborative improvement projects, advice on efficient aquaculture methods, and identification and development of alternative protein sources.

Sustainable fisheries management

Developing and implementing strategies to sustainably manage fish populations, including data-driven assessments, catch limits, and ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management.

Fishery improvement projects

Collaborating with stakeholders to enhance fisheries through improvement projects that promote sustainable fishing practices, reduce bycatch, and ensure compliance with international standards.

Sustainable aquaculture

Advancing sustainable aquaculture practices that prioritize environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and efficient resource use to meet global seafood demand without compromising marine ecosystems.

Alternative proteins

Exploring and promoting alternative protein sources from sustainable aquaculture, such as plant-based and cell-cultured seafood, to reduce reliance on wild fish stocks and alleviate pressure on ocean resources.

Technology Lab tools

  • AI for fisheries management 
  • IoT sensors for aquaculture monitoring 
  • Digital twins for aquaculture systems.

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